Calacatta MS 2409

Calacatta MS2409


Primary Color(s) : White-Gold

Style: Sophisticated Veins

Model:Calacatta MS2409

Finish: Polished

Variations: Advanced

Size:  SLABS: 126x63x2/3CM

PREFABS: 108X42X2cm


APPLICATIONS: Residential/Commercial Flooring,Counters,Wall etc.

NOTE: We are sorry but we only do bulk sales to builders, retailers, fabricators, contractors,etc; not retail sales and installation.


Quartz Countertops Advantages:

Stain, heat, and scratch-resistant
Quartz stone surfaces resist stains, heat, and scratch and are hard as granite.

It will not stain like marble or granite, and will not warp or burn like other solid plastic surfaces.

Maintenance Free
Due to its physical characteristics, Quartz stone is maintenance-free material on the market.

It is easy to clean with soap and water or an over-the-counter cleaner. It does not require the use of sealers or impregnation.

Environmental friendly
The quartz stone surface is composed of 93% natural quartz stone and 7% environmentally friendly resin, pigments, no radiation.